The Meaning of Michael Jackson

Call for writing about Michael Jackson:

The Meaning of Michael Jackson
MJ Tribute Anthology
literary. thoughtful. intelligent.

August 29, 2009 preferred
Sept 4 absolute cut off

Editor Lorette C. Luzajic

Eulogies, poems, short stories, theories, thoughtful inquiries, what Michael Jackson meant to you, essays. No dead pedophile jokes. I don’t shy away from difficult subjects but I expect intelligent inquiry and reflection. Michael’s music, legend, symbolism, spirituality, cultural significance, psychology, history and more. Be creative. Be emotional. Be smart. What does MJ’s fame say about our culture? Why was he the one? Why did society turn on him, and then turn right back at death? What does fame do to a person? How does celebrity serve us in everyday life? Does Michael’s reclusive nature separate him from the superstar mask? What does plastic surgery or addiction mean? Contrast Michael to other celebrities, focus on his work and talk about one song or video and what’s inside it, or address how his life or death made you feel personally and why.

I’d like to learn more about MJ’s humanitarian work, work with sick children, and more about the way he worked, the process, his creativity, how individual pieces of work or entertainment styles affected you. It can be something you already wrote years ago, or just now, and it can be something you’ve published or posted, as long as I have the rights to use it in this project. You will retain all rights to the piece to use anywhere and whenever you like.

This is a labour of love, so I cannot pay you. You will be fully credited for your piece, if chosen, with a bio paragraph and links to your websites or other contact info that you prefer.

Thanks so much. If you want to know more, you can always contact us.

email questions and submissions to thegirlcanwrite@hotmail.com

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