Review Guidelines


Not at this time, sorry. You do get to keep the books you review, though.

Word Count

I’m pretty flexible on this, but try to keep it between 600-1500 words.

Due Date

30 days after book is assigned. That is, 30 days after I email you to say I’ve dropped the book in the mail.

“Bad Book” Policy

If you don’t like a book, can find no redeeming qualities within it, you can send the book back without reviewing it and request something else. However, you can also continue on and review the book. Ad hominem critiques, of course, won’t be tolerated, but if you support your criticism and your praise, what more could we ask?


Send the review as a Word document. Please cite any quotations from the book with poem title and page number in parenthesis (MLA Style, essentially—take a look at the other reviews on the site).

I reserve the right to decline publication of a review, especially one that I consider sexist, racist, homophobic, or otherwise patently unfair.