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Glass Psalms

Glass Psalms by Jonathan Garfinkel

Reviewed by Nick Thran

The second section of Jonathan Garfinkel’s debut collection Glass Psalms begins with a poem called “Childhood”:

There was no blood on the silver
Aspen. No trenches
beneath lupine, no brooks
Trembling with contaminated fish,
polluted memory.

There were Mercedes, cool
as Morphine. Gucci leather shoes
on the Day of Atonement. Bonbons
and Valium, stacked
high in the bowls of the neighbourhood moms….


Turnstone Press - October 26, 2006 - 2 Comments

Headframe: 2

Headframe: 2 by Birk Sproxton

Reviewed by rob mclennan

I haven’t read any of Sproxton’s work before, but it would be difficult to not know that he has been publishing for years, including the long poem Headframe: (Winnipeg MB: Turnstone Press, 1985), the novels The Red-Headed Woman with the Black Black Heart (Turnstone Press, 1997) and The Hockey Fan Came Riding (Turnstone Press, 1990), and the collection Phantom Lake: North of 54 (Edmonton AB: University of Alberta Press, 2005). His newest collection is a follow-up to his long poem, the collection Headframe: 2 (Turnstone Press, 2006). A prolific editor, he is also responsible for the collections The Winnipeg Connection: Writing Lives at Mid-Century (Winnipeg MB: Prairie Fire Press, 2006), Trace: Prairie Writers on Writing (Turnstone Press, 1986), and Great Stories from the Prairies (Red Deer AB: Red Deer Press, 2000).


Turnstone Press - May 21, 2006 - 2 Comments

fake Paul

fake Paul by Kimmy Beach

Reviewed by Jenna Butler

Fake Paul, by Kimmy Beach, traces the dark nature of obsession from the clubs of London to the streets of New York. Set amidst the larger cultural craze that was Beatlemania, this collection follows the development of the narrator’s teenage crush on Paul McCartney from simple innocence to full-blown self-destruction.