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BooksPrice.com: Online Book Price Comparison

BooksPrice.com: Online Book Price Comparison

Posted by Eric

For those of you (us) that buy books online, there’s a new, free online tool for comparing prices between online shops: BooksPrice.com. The site also works for DVDs, music, and video games.

When you choose the book for which you want to compare prices, you’re shown either a table or a chart, listing stores and prices from lowest to most expensive, including the cost of shipping. You can choose your currency and general shipping info (i.e., your country) in order to filter your results. Amazon.ca seems to be the only “Canadian” store listed (as far as I’ve seen).

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On October 07, 2007, Alex Choo said:

Hi, Do take a look at Best Book Combo It takes into account the entire combination of books you want to buy, and returns the lowest cost. If you buy from bookstore aggregators like Abebooks, then you’d know each seller has a different shipping rate. Best Book Combo handles all the nitty-gritty of finding the best combination of booksellers to give you the lowest rate.

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