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Posted by Eric

A new site for matching readers and books just popped up on the radar: BookLamp. From the site:

BookLamp.org is a system for matching readers to books through an analysis of writing styles, similar to the way that Pandora.com matches music lovers to new music. Do you like Stephen King’s It, but thought it was too long? The technology behind BookLamp allows you to find books that are written with a similar tone, tense, perspective, action level, description level, and dialog level, while at the same time allowing you to specify details like… half the length. It’s impervious to outside influences — like advertising — that impact socially driven recommendation systems, and isn’t reliant on a large user base to work.

Haven’t tried it, but it looks interesting. I used to love Pandora.com for music before it became US only. You have to sign up (free) to use the service.


On March 17, 2008, Eric Barstad said:

I signed up. There’s a very limited selection of books to choose from initially. The only one I think I’ve read is 1984, so I plugged that in. The best match… The USA Patriot Act by the US Congress. Hahahah! Man, I hated 1984.

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