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Adventures in the Reviewing Trade

Alex Good discusses reviewing at Canadian Notes & Queries:

I suspect a large part of this failure to engage a wider debate is the fact that so few Canadians have actually read the books being reviewed. And without that sense of a shared culture to feed on, reviews become only another disposable form of infotainment and advertising tossed into the void. This in turn leads to a downward spiral as reviewers both in print and online attempt to become the next Oprah or Richard and Judy and demonstrate their “power” to sell product, something they can only do by selling out.

To summarize: You’re seeing as much book reviewing in print, and probably even on the internet, now as you are ever likely to see. We’re not getting any more. There aren’t going to be more book reviews unless there’s a demand for more book reviews, and that demand does not exist. You aren’t going to get better book reviews unless there is a real critical debate about the quality of today’s book reviews, and that debate and that critique do not exist.

So, what do you think? CNQ doesn’t seem to have a comment system, so feel free to come back here and share your opinions.

(Via Bookninja)

1 comment June 29th, 2007

Busy, busy, busy — and in need of reviewers

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. New reviews from Jason Rotstein, Maria Scala, Rob Taylor, and Shane Neilson will be posted shortly. In the mean time, I have 80+ books, chapbooks, and audio books sitting on my shelf waiting to be reviewed. If you’re interested in reviewing for the site and live in Canada, send a sample of your writing and a brief bio to ebarstad [at] gmail [dot] com.

Add comment May 14th, 2007

Northern Poetry Review

Northern Poetry Review1145980519640

Alex Boyd and Dani Couture have started a new site for poetry reviews, articles and interviews, with emphasis on Canadian work. Check out Northern Poetry Review.

2 comments April 25th, 2006

Critique PoetryReviews.ca

I’m looking for feedback on the site. What do you like? What can be improved? Please leave a comment about any part of the site (look and feel, editorial direction, reviews, ads, etc.).



19 comments March 10th, 2006

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