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Suspected Web Forgery?

ff pr

On August 6, this site (or, rather, our hosting account) got hacked and was used for a phishing scam to cheat people out of their money. So, if you’re using Firefox, you’re likely seeing a warning every time you come to the site that says the site is a suspected web forgery (see image above). It is not. I’ve removed all of the offending files, changed passwords, and switched to SFTP for sending files. I’m hoping that the site will be removed from the phishing site list in the next little while.

7 comments August 9th, 2007

BooksPrice.com: Online Book Price Comparison


For those of you (us) that buy books online, there’s a new, free online tool for comparing prices between online shops: BooksPrice.com. The site also works for DVDs, music, and video games.

When you choose the book for which you want to compare prices, you’re shown either a table or a chart, listing stores and prices from lowest to most expensive, including the cost of shipping. You can choose your currency and general shipping info (i.e., your country) in order to filter your results. Amazon.ca seems to be the only “Canadian” store listed (as far as I’ve seen).

(Via Duct Tape Marketing)

2 comments July 21st, 2007

Bibliochaise: What’s on your bookshelf?


From Italian design company nobody & co, an armchair library for small spaces:

La Bibliochaise Home is water varnished in white, black or aubergine, also available in others colors upon request. Cotton cushions with removable covers in a wide range of colours. Contains 5 metres of books.

(via Digg)

3 comments July 20th, 2007

Three Questions to End 2006

My “vacation” starts in one day, so there won’t be much activity until the new year. But I thought I’d leave you with a few questions inspired by a recent interview.

1.) What was the best book (any genre) you read this past year? (You don’t have to say why, but you can if you want.)

2.) Best poetry book cover of 2006? (I’m going with Inventory by Dionne Brand.)

3.) As part of an interview, Zachary Houle asked me, “What Canadian poetry book released in 2006 would you say is a really good entry point for people who haven’t picked up a book of poetry since, say, high school?” What do you think?

Leave a comment and let me know.

Have a safe holiday and a great new year. See you in 2007.

6 comments December 21st, 2006


tn bookpediaMainScreenshot

I found a great piece of Mac software this weekend for cataloguing your book collection: Bookpedia by Bruji.

Whether books line every wall of your house or barely fill one shelf, Bookpedia is the perfect application to help you keep track of them. Entering the information for each book is fast and easy because the program retrieves all the information from the Internet for you.

Essentially, all you have to do is type in the ISBN number of your books (or scan them in if you have an iSight or barcode scanner), and Bookpedia pulls the information and cover image (if available) from a bunch of different online databases, including the various Amazons, AbeBooks, etc. If your books are pre-ISBN era, you can type in keywords to find them, or you can enter information manually.

The software has a great export function, for exporting your library to a spreadsheet, website, or rich text document. I’m currently using Bookpedia to keep track of books and reviews for this site and it works very well. Bruji also offers CDpedia for your music, DVDpedia for your movies, and Gamepedia for video games.

If the idea of typing ISBNs doesn’t appeal to you, and you don’t want or have an iSight camera, you can pick up a :CueCat scanner on eBay for about $10. I think the CueCat works with most of the software below, as well.

Some Alternatives:

Add comment December 4th, 2006



A new site dedicated to book reviews has just launched: BookRevyoo (I know, I know: site names these days).

BookRevyoo is a social book review community where you can add books to be reviewed, post your own reviews, and rate reviews by others. BookRevyoo gives you an easy and fun way to share your opinions on books you read!

Tag books with relevant keywords and discover just how easy it is to categorize, organize, and browse. Lastly, you can easily stay on top of your favorite book reviews through the power of RSS.

The site just started, so it’s mostly tech books right now, but the concept is interesting.

Add comment September 24th, 2006

Shakespeare Searched

Shakespeare Searched

This may be of interest to the teachers and students who visit:

Shakespeare Searched is a search engine designed to provide quick access to passages from Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets. We cluster search results by topic, work, and character to make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. From something as simple as identifying the speaker of a particular quote to discovering underlying thematic elements across works, Shakespeare Searched has you covered.

(Via Lifehacker.)

1 comment September 16th, 2006

PoetryReviews.ca Joins the 9rules Network!

PoetryReviews.ca has been accepted into the 9rules Network, which is

a community of the best weblogs in the world on a variety of topics. We started 9rules to give passionate writers more exposure and to help readers find great blogs on their favorite subjects. It’s difficult to find sites worth returning to, so 9rules brings together the very best of the independent web all under one roof.

But what does this mean for the site? Most importantly, it will give more (international) exposure to our reviews, reviewers, and the books we review. There’s also a cool logo at the bottom of the page. Click on it to discover some great new sites.

Add comment June 10th, 2006

yWriter by Spacejock and Papel by BeingArthurDent.co.uk

Thought people might be interested in these:


What is it? free story writing software

When designing a software program you break big problems (tasks) into little ones. Then you break those down into smaller and smaller problems until each can be tackled easily. Of course, you don’t want to lose sight of the overall project, so you give yourself explicit outlines for each piece of code. Then it’s just a case of coding each of the little pieces and hooking them together into the finished application.

Despite the mystical arty aura surrounding the process of fiction writing, at the end of the day most books can be written in a similar fashion: Break each novel into chapters, break each chapter into one or more scenes, and give each scene a goal, some conflict and an outcome.

Complete details on the Spacejock website.


A new software tool designed for authors of fictional stories is now available.

It’s called Papel (Spanish for ‘paper’) and runs under Windows, allowing you to write creatively and intuitively without logical tasks interfering with the flow of your ideas.

It’s small, it’s fast, and best of all it’s Freeware. Papel is not a ‘try it and see’ advert for a bigger version you have to pay for: it’s a complete and fully working application. It doesn’t require registration, and doesn’t contain nag screens, adverts, adware or spyware.

Complete details on the Papel website.

Add comment May 24th, 2006

Northern Poetry Review

Northern Poetry Review1145980519640

Alex Boyd and Dani Couture have started a new site for poetry reviews, articles and interviews, with emphasis on Canadian work. Check out Northern Poetry Review.

2 comments April 25th, 2006

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