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Suspected Web Forgery?

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On August 6, this site (or, rather, our hosting account) got hacked and was used for a phishing scam to cheat people out of their money. So, if you’re using Firefox, you’re likely seeing a warning every time you come to the site that says the site is a suspected web forgery (see image above). It is not. I’ve removed all of the offending files, changed passwords, and switched to SFTP for sending files. I’m hoping that the site will be removed from the phishing site list in the next little while.


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University Update - Firefox - Suspected Web Forgery?
Aug 9, 2007 10:02

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Brian Campbell
Aug 9, 2007 14:36

I’m using Firefox, and I got no such warnings. So maybe the coast is clear.

Eric Barstad
Aug 9, 2007 14:38

Thanks, Brian. Looks like you’re right. Oops, I may have spoken too soon — got the pop up again. Frickin’ scammers.

Maria Scala
Aug 10, 2007 13:22

Sorry to hear about your web woes, and hope I’m not adding to them, but around that date, when I visited the poetryreviews homepage, it took me straight to PayPal! It’s not happening anymore, btw.

Eric Barstad
Aug 10, 2007 13:40

Yeah, that was part of the scam — they were mimicking the Paypal site to get account information and therefore steal people’s money. So, it wasn’t the real paypal site, it was a forgery — hence the Firefox warning.

Eric Barstad
Aug 11, 2007 13:01

Ok, I’m not getting the warning any more, so maybe the site’s in the clear. Please email me anytime you find a problem.

Oct 21, 2007 1:05

I’m getting these warnings everytime I open my Friendster account. Can anyone help me how to prevent it from popping out?

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